I’m available to get paid by you to help you

It is true! I will provide help to you and yours for a fee.

My email address is hello@terrencesutherland.ca.

Please continue reading for what I am willing to receive payment in exchange for helping you and yours.


Contact me if you require help in designing posters, brochures, powerpoint presentations, slideshows, pamphlets, business cards, and postcards.

Graphic Design is also a major part of Visual Communication. Communicating using visual elements is visual communication. Not all visual communication uses posters, screens, or signs. Visual communication is also hand signals, body movements, and facial expressions.

Contact me you require expertise in selecting a printer, design firm or agency, and or strategy for a promotional campaign.


This is a skill-set that I haven’t used very much in recent years. Coding, scripting, and programming are tasks that I have done in the past. I primarily tinker with WordPress these days. WordPress is a blog platform with rich themes and capable plugins. With the right combination, a website could deliver information and also gather it from its audience. I could help you and yours develop that system.


Yes, that does say digital. In the spirit of not confusing people, I opted to employ the word digital. I do not know how to process film negatives. And I do not have the patience to send out the film negatives to a third party and hope they will be processed correctly as well as make it back to my office in time to post-process and deliver to you the client. Digital photography is the service.

I am willing and able to perform photograph your events, products, and services.

Should you want to view some of my photography, please visit the following:

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Here we go again!

Visual communication development is in my blood! Research and design enters my life almost every single day in one form or another.
I am going to keep on keeping on.
See you soon.