Here we go again!

Visual communication development is in my blood! Research and design enters my life almost every single day in one form or another.
I am going to keep on keeping on.
See you soon.

Thirty Days of Logo Design

I just joined a design project. It’s called Thirty Logos ( The challenges are based on realistic design briefs. This project will exercise my creativity, design thinking, process, and skills.

There are specifications and limitations for each exercise, regardless, I’ll be aiming for under two hours per challenge. That’s 120 minutes for research, mood & colour board, design sketch, three concepts, presentation, concept selection, colour selection, execution, evaluation, refinement, and delivery. Perhaps, 120 minutes may be a bit too short of time. We will have to see I suppose, the time used will be noted in each update.

To keep from having 30 different posts, I will be updating this post. There may be a favourite list made later. Please stay tuned and enjoy.


may 27, 2017

the first project, a logo for office space, suppose to be fun, modern, and personal… so I took those words and started to define them in my own way:

As I was typing down the words, images started to flood my mind. Office desks, chairs, people, lights, windows, standing desks… then the images stopped. I think my visualizing got too specific.

Google! I did three image searches for office, desks, and many. I was fixated on the idea of many spaces available in my head.

There you have it. Common images for office, desk, and many. I vowed in that moment not to use those images. I scrolled up and down to look carefully at the images that struck me.

However, the office photograph really took me. I was quite smitten with the image. Perhaps it was the photographer in me that loved the lines, it was exciting to see a basic yet dynamic view.

So I tried using the lights as elements the surfaces of desks to make something abstract.

space logo first idea
space logo first idea

I wasn’t too convinced. I decided to explore some more. I thought maybe a little more literal with a dash of abstract would feel better.

space logo first idea expanded
space logo first idea expanded

I had the desk surfaces in perspective initially, then I thought what if I just do a bird’s eye view of the desktops! Add a little bit of style, and then accidental swastika… okay, let’s move on.

I started drawing heads above the squares, thinking about space. How can I incorporate space into the image? I started doodling.


space logo doodles
space logo doodles

There are now four logo ideas or concepts as people would argue. Perhaps five executed in different styles. Space is made up of five forms and four spaces. I know multiple colours will make the logo fun; definitely expensive but still fun nonetheless.

Then I made a decision because time was running out for this project. Two hours was my focus, and I spent almost one hour on it already. I still had to draw the darn thing in Adobe Illustrator!

So I went with this concept. Colours may change, but I feel great.

space logo final
space logo final

Time spent on this logo was about two hours, maybe a little more by a few minutes. I know that I had two coffees. I went with the colour orange because the Internet tells me the colour means fun. I filled the eyes for the uppercase P and A, I think seeing them filled is fun. The heads are slightly larger than they need to be making the illustration feel silly which is the definition of fun. The proximity of the desks and people speaks shared space. A person may feel tight in that scenario so I figured the logo should at least imply that reality. Anyway, these are just some answers for those who may have questions.

So this is my process. This is my final logo that would make it to step one of the entire process. I would have worked on two others before presenting to a client. It is early in the day, perhaps I will make one more by the end of the day.

Considering a lot of real estate has been used up here, I can only imagine that this post thirty logos from now would be insanely large. So for the subsequent logo practices, they are listed below. Stay tuned!

Postcards for Niikaan Studio

Niikaan Studio is a company rooted in visual communication development and design. I own it. I wanted to create a business where the target audience of the client was the people who benefit the most thus benefitting Niikaan Studio’s client. Niikaan Studio isn’t officially open. I wanted to share some of the work I have been doing for my company. Here are some postcards.

a postcard i made for Niikaan Studio, a company i own, no employees yet

I made a series of postcard for each service I will offer. Check them out below.

just what the client needs, no big contract or service agreement, poster? done.
it is true, your photographer should be taking photographs that you can use in many facets of your business. if you cannot, then that is a wasted photograph.
i went to school for graphic design. this is THE service by Niikaan Studio.
i have been offering web design services in freelance capacity since 2002.

So there they are, postcards promoting the services available by Niikaan Studio, my budding company. Are you interested? Sorry, it isn’t quite ready to be open yet. In the meantime, I’m looking for agency/firm/office/design department experience.

Found Something; Still Looking

I recently had experience at a print shop! It was fantastic!

I had to turn down the offer!

Due to logistics, I had to let the opportunity go. But it was so cool! I worked in Adobe Illustrator—my software skills were rusty—making some awesome children bedroom signs. The job entailed typography, color harmonizing, cut lines for a vinyl cutter, all in a rgb color space.

Took me about 6 hours to design 8 signs… which should have taken 15 minutes each but I was the perfectionist. I also had a “transparency” issue causing my versaworks 100% magenta line to disappear! I spent about 1 hour finding the mistake and found it I did, and yes I fixed it. The problem turned out to be  two of my compound shapes had an opacity of 50 percent!

Anyway, I did other tasks during my very short tenure. I helped apply some vinyl to a few signs, grinded some excess metal away from near-finished signs, weeded some cuts (taking the pre-cut product away from the excess, helped reset a monster laminator, learned some steps to setting up media for a versa printer. I also learned that a print shop for a community of 55,000 people is crazy busy. Most of their clients were actually from Northern Ontario. It was a fun and too short of an experience.

Outside the freelance pace of a graphic and web designer, working in a print shop is super demanding and fast paced. I definitely want more experience.

The ranting side of this post, I said earlier that I turned down the job, two days later those logistics that kept me from taking that position unfortunately are no longer there… go figure. So, I’m looking for a job again.

Who wants to hire me? I am willing and able!

Design Sketch Prep

Hi, I’m drawing again.

Usually, a designer need not be artistic. But having the skill to sketch, or design sketch, an idea is highly valued. Being able to quickly design sketch a layout for a client could win the job.

My design sketching abilities having been wavering lately. I decided to start sketching in general… first the basics.

vertical lines

Sometimes starting, or this case restarting at the basics provides a solid foundation. I picked up a drawing book. It kind of reminds me of design foundations from college.

cross hatching

When I was in college, we spent an entire semester just drawing shapes, patterns, and forms. It was tedious to say the least, almost eight years later, we definitely need the keep these skills up to par.