Found Something; Still Looking

I recently had experience at a print shop! It was fantastic!

I had to turn down the offer!

Due to logistics, I had to let the opportunity go. But it was so cool! I worked in Adobe Illustrator—my software skills were rusty—making some awesome children bedroom signs. The job entailed typography, color harmonizing, cut lines for a vinyl cutter, all in a rgb color space.

Took me about 6 hours to design 8 signs… which should have taken 15 minutes each but I was the perfectionist. I also had a “transparency” issue causing my versaworks 100% magenta line to disappear! I spent about 1 hour finding the mistake and found it I did, and yes I fixed it. The problem turned out to be  two of my compound shapes had an opacity of 50 percent!

Anyway, I did other tasks during my very short tenure. I helped apply some vinyl to a few signs, grinded some excess metal away from near-finished signs, weeded some cuts (taking the pre-cut product away from the excess, helped reset a monster laminator, learned some steps to setting up media for a versa printer. I also learned that a print shop for a community of 55,000 people is crazy busy. Most of their clients were actually from Northern Ontario. It was a fun and too short of an experience.

Outside the freelance pace of a graphic and web designer, working in a print shop is super demanding and fast paced. I definitely want more experience.

The ranting side of this post, I said earlier that I turned down the job, two days later those logistics that kept me from taking that position unfortunately are no longer there… go figure. So, I’m looking for a job again.

Who wants to hire me? I am willing and able!

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