Postcards for Niikaan Studio

Niikaan Studio is a company rooted in visual communication development and design. I own it. I wanted to create a business where the target audience of the client was the people who benefit the most thus benefitting Niikaan Studio’s client. Niikaan Studio isn’t officially open. I wanted to share some of the work I have been doing for my company. Here are some postcards.

a postcard i made for Niikaan Studio, a company i own, no employees yet

I made a series of postcard for each service I will offer. Check them out below.

just what the client needs, no big contract or service agreement, poster? done.
it is true, your photographer should be taking photographs that you can use in many facets of your business. if you cannot, then that is a wasted photograph.
i went to school for graphic design. this is THE service by Niikaan Studio.
i have been offering web design services in freelance capacity since 2002.

So there they are, postcards promoting the services available by Niikaan Studio, my budding company. Are you interested? Sorry, it isn’t quite ready to be open yet. In the meantime, I’m looking for agency/firm/office/design department experience.

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