Terrence Sutherland is a graphic designer, web designer, and digital photographer from Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada.

A self-taught professional with a great deal learned at College and University in Web Development & Design, Graphic Design and Communication Studies.

Terrence has lived in large centres in Canada’s Northeastern Ontario such as North Bay, Timmins, and Sudbury.

With aspirations in storytelling, Terrence plans to open a design studio named Niikaan Studio. Niikaan is an Indigenous word meaning forward, in front, or ahead. Terrence believes that living life means we are constantly moving forward, we measure what is in front of us and tackle it, we keep our heads up and look ahead picking up lessons and best practices along the way.

One day, the company will be ready, until then Terrence will continue learning his trade, gathering experience for his company, and making connections in the world of storytelling.

Niikaan Studio will open one day, hopefully employing a few people, connecting ideas, business, movements with the world. The planned service offerings are in Graphic Design, Web Design, and Digital Photography. There will be Indigenous languages, English and French services available. For more information about Niikaan Studio, please visit www.niikaanstudio.ca when you’re ready.